Welcome to my website! Here you will find information about any yoga classes and workshops I run through the medium of English.

Current offerings:

I’m currently spending a year in Brittany with my family therefore not offering classes in Wales at the moment. I will be returning in Autumn 2019 and my classes will be advertised then.

Yoga in Schools

I have experience of teaching workshops and classes to both students and teachers in a school setting.
I can offer sessions and workshops on:
‘Yoga for Stress and dealing with an intensive workload’
‘Yoga for Self Esteem’
Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a school yoga session.

Yoga At Work

If you’re thinking about bringing yoga into your workplace, please get in touch.

What to expect from yoga and my classes:

Yoga has been an important part of my life since I was a teenager and I’ve been teaching it for the past 13 years.
With the increase in yoga’s popularity in recent years, it’s easy to think that the aim of yoga is to contort the body into complicated postures or to perform handstands on exotic beaches.
The truth is far simpler. The word ‘yoga’ means to ‘connect’ or unite. And what we are searching to connect with through the practice is the true self, or the soul if you like. Our lives these days tend to be loud, fast and chaotic. Yoga practice gives us a beautiful opportunity to turn down the volume on life, to move, breathe and connect with the present moment.

I believe that the most important teacher in a yoga class is the one inside each student, and with regular attendance and practice, I will assist you to develop a firm foundation of knowledge and experience that will help you to develop a yoga practice that is tailored to your individual needs.

As a mother to two young children, I understand how challenging it can be for many people to practice self care, but I also know how essential it is. When we treat ourselves with love, respect and kindness, we learn how to treat others in the same way. And if we build our yoga practice on a foundation of self love and compassion, yoga can become a healing and nourishing practice that sustains us at all stages of life.

Yoga Qualifications and Experience

2004. Yoga Foundation Course – Janet Irlam (BWY)
2004 – 2007. Yoga Teaching Diploma – Richard Adamo (BWY, 500 hours)
2005. Yoga For Children – Yoga Bugs
2013. Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga – Wendy Teasdill (BWY)
2014 – 2016. 3 x courses of further studies in yoga – Sama Fabian, Aurolab Yoga (IYN)
2015. Yin Yoga Intensive Course – Norman Blair, Stiwdio Zolder, Llundain

Short Courses/Workshops with numerous teachers including

Nancy Gilgoff (Ashtanga Vinyasa), David Sye (Yogabeats), Amy Ippolitti (90 monkeys), Marc Holzman (Anusara), Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Womb yoga), Lisa Sanfilippo (Anusara), Zoe Knott (BWY), Tanya Fitzpatrick (Somatics), Liz Lark (Vinyasa Krama), Emma Henry (Jivamukti); Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs.
There is never an end to the learning in yoga, and I continue to study with other teachers, and by myself, on a daily basis. But the most important influence on my practice and teaching is my family – my husband Aneirin, and my children, Sisial and Erwan. Loving and raising them is the hardest, and most important yoga I’ve had the honour of practicing.